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Yaadgaar Cream Rolls

The flaky, golden-brown shell of a Yaadgaar Cream Rolls is filled with thick, velvety cream that has been infused with vanilla. It is a wonderful pastry. These nostalgic treats, packed by hand and lightly sweetened, are a tribute to the art of great baking and decadent flavours; they go well with tea or coffee.


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Delicious and renowned for their ideal combination of flavor and texture, Yaadgaar Cream Rolls are a lovely sweet treat. For those who long for the days of simple bakery treats, these rolls will transport them back in time. A flaky, golden-brown pastry shell is the foundation of each roll; it is painstakingly made to strike the perfect combination of crunchiness and tenderness. A delicate shard breaks off with every bite of the stacked and rolled pastry, which is crafted from high-quality flour and butter.

The cream filling takes centre stage within. Made with premium dairy cream that has been expertly beaten to perfection, it is a delicious, velvety concoction that is rich and silky. The subtle sweetness of this cream complements the milk’s inherent richness without overpowering it. Subtle vanilla notes permeate the filling, elevating the flavour profile with their aromatic richness.

The handmade creation of Yaadgaar Cream Rolls has brought them fame.Yaadgaar Bakker Khani The ideal quantity of cream is packed into every mouthful of each roll since each one is filled by hand. The rolls are finished with a delicate dusting of powdered sugar, which gives them a sweet touch and makes them seem so pretty.

These cream rolls are an ode to decadent flavours and expert baking, not to mention a dessert in and of itself. Not only are they delicious on their own, but they also make a fantastic addition to any celebration or get-together. A pleasant experience that combines tradition, workmanship, and exquisite flavour, Yaadgaar Cream Rolls are best consumed in a moment of sheer enjoyment or savoured slowly to appreciate each layer and filling.

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