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Chicken Breast pasta

Chicken Breast Diced, Premium boneless diced chicken breast: tender, juicy, and ready to elevate any dish. Perfect for quick and easy meals. Diced into small/medium bite size pieces.




Chicken Breast Diced

Enjoy the convenience and versatility of our boneless diced chicken breast. Carefully selected and expertly prepared, our chicken breast is trimmed of excess fat and bones, providing you with succulent, tender pieces ready to elevate any dish. Perfect for stir-fries, salads, sandwiches, or pasta, our diced chicken breast is a delicious and protein-packed addition to any meal. With its premium quality and consistent size, cooking with our boneless diced chicken breast is a breeze, saving you time and effort in the kitchen without compromising on flavor or nutrition.

What Is Chicken Breast?

Chicken breast refers to a lean meat cut extracted from the pectoral muscle located beneath the chicken’s body. In the process of butchering, a whole chicken yields one chicken breast, divided into two halves, often sold separately. This portion is recognized for its desirable white meat and healthful attributes, making boneless chicken breast the pricier option compared to thighs, wings, and drumsticks.

This versatile cut lends itself well to various cooking methods, including grilling, baking, roasting, frying, barbecuing, and boiling. Regardless of the chosen cooking technique, it is crucial to handle chicken with care. Adequate washing of areas, utensils, and hands that come into contact with raw chicken is imperative to mitigate food safety risks.


Chicken Breast Nutrition Facts

The chicken breast stands out as a particularly health-conscious segment of this already nutritious poultry. It boasts low fat content and serves as an excellent source of protein. Since the majority of chicken fat is concentrated in the skin, skinless and boneless chicken breasts are commonly available for purchase, emphasizing their health benefits.

Unveiling the Health Advantages of Chicken Breast

This poultry variety emerges as a superb reservoir of lean protein, standing out for its exceptional nutritional profile. Rich in vital nutrients, chicken contributes significant amounts of vitamin B, vitamin D, calcium, iron, zinc, and trace elements of vitamin A and vitamin C.

Distinguished from many red meats, chicken boasts a nutritional edge with two to three times more polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats—healthier lipid components than those prevalent in red meat. Moreover, chicken presents a carbohydrate count of zero, devoid of trans fats, and maintains a low sodium content. While not a source of dietary fiber, the absence of carbohydrates and trans fats underscores the health-conscious attributes of chicken.

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