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Elmlea Double

Elmlea Double is a creamy and versatile dairy cream alternative perfect for cooking, baking, and topping desserts. With a rich texture and indulgent flavor, it’s a lighter option than traditional cream, available in easy-to-pour cartons for convenience and freshness. Ideal for adding a touch of luxury to your favorite dishes.


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Elmlea Double Cream Alternative

Elmlea Double is a versatile and creamy dairy cream alternative that offers a rich and luxurious texture, perfect for both cooking and topping desserts. Made to be a lighter option compared to traditional cream, Elmlea Double is a favorite in kitchens across the UK for its ease of use and delicious taste.

Texture and Taste:

  • Creamy and Smooth: Elmlea Double mimics the texture of double cream, offering a silky smooth consistency that blends seamlessly into sauces, soups, and desserts.
  • Rich Flavor: It delivers a rich and indulgent flavor that enhances the taste of both sweet and savory dishes without the heaviness of traditional cream. Shan Vanilla Custard Powder

Versatility in Cooking:

  • Cooking and Baking: Use Elmlea Double for cooking and baking, where it whips, pours, and cooks just like regular cream. It’s perfect for adding richness to sauces, custards, and creamy soups.
  • Topping: Serve it chilled and whipped as a topping for desserts, fruit, or hot beverages, providing a decadent finishing touch.

Health Benefits:

  • Lower in Fat: Elmlea Double is lower in fat compared to traditional double cream, making it a healthier choice while still delivering a creamy texture and taste.
  • Lactose-Free Options: Some varieties are available in lactose-free options, catering to dietary preferences and restrictions.

Packaging and Storage:

  • Convenient Carton: Elmlea Double is typically available in easy-to-pour cartons that are resealable for freshness and convenience.
  • Long Shelf Life: It has a longer shelf life compared to dairy cream, making it a practical choice for households and professional kitchens alike.


  • Creamy and smooth texture
  • Rich and indulgent flavor
  • Versatile for cooking and topping
  • Lower in fat compared to traditional cream
  • Convenient packaging with a long shelf life

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