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Greenfields Dried Black Lime

The distinctive, highly-respected flavor of Greenfields Dried Black Lime—also called Loomi or Omani lime—comes from its origins in the Middle East and Persian cuisines. These sun-dried limes get a smokey, earthy flavor with citrus overtones when picked at their ripest. They add a unique sourness to rice meals, stews, soups, and stew mixes when used whole or powdered. They are beneficial to health and the kitchen because of the vitamin C, antioxidants, and minerals they contain. Greenfields Dried Black Lime, sourced responsibly, is an excellent gourmet ingredient that may enhance the flavor of many different foods.

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The exterior of the dried black lime from Greenfields is brittle and wrinkled, and the structure is lightweight and hollow. Upon opening, one is greeted by the sight and smell of black, fragrant meat that exudes a pungent, zesty perfume. Soups, stews, sauces, and rice dishes can all benefit from the addition of this amazing ingredient’s rich, tangy flavour, whether you use it whole or powdered.

Greenfields Dried Black Lime is an essential ingredient in many Middle Eastern and traditional Persian stews, including the cherished herb stew Gheimeh Sabzi. Incorporating pierced or broken limes into cooking liquids allows them to rehydrate and impart their signature sourness, which helps to counteract the richness of other components.

Vitamin C, antioxidants, potassium, and magnesium abound in dried black lime, making it a nutritional powerhouse. In addition to bolstering the immune system, these nutrients are good for you in general. These limes are a nutritious supplement to any diet since their nutritional worth is preserved using a special preservation procedure.Alnoor Anardana Powder

Greenfields Dried Black Lime comes from the best lime groves, so you know it’s top-notch. The limes grown in these areas benefit both the environment and the local economy because the company uses sustainable farming practices and backs local farmers.

To sum up, Greenfields Dried Black Lime is an exquisite gourmet ingredient that enhances the scent and flavor of many different dishes. Anyone looking to add a genuine Middle Eastern or Persian flavor to their dishes will find this pantry staple indispensable, thanks to its distinctive flavour, nutritional value, and high-quality sourcing.

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