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Regal Boondi

Regal Boondi , Crispy and flavorful Indian snack.


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Boondi is available for purchase individually, offering a traditional South Indian treat crafted from gram flour and typically served alongside yogurt. Our Boondi presents a light and delectable savoury option, fried according to a time-honoured recipe. Crafted from plant-based ingredients, this Boondi is a vegetarian-friendly delight.

Regal Boondi , Crispy and flavorful Indian snack.

This petite, drop-sized Indian snack is adored for its crispy fried texture and salty-savory flavor. Fashioned from gram flour, semolina, and an assortment of traditional spices, Boondi is often enjoyed in innovative pairings like Boondi raita and dahi bhalley when combined with yogurt.

Each packet contains 250 grams of Boondi mix.


Gram flour, Potato starch, Rapeseed oil, Semolina.


Boondi Raita: Creamy yogurt mixed with crispy boondi and flavorful spices.


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