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Sweet Zone Tangy Mix

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A delicious selection of chewy candies bursting with sweet and tangy fruit tastes is provided by Sweet Zone Tangy Mix sweets. These candies are individually wrapped for freshness and convenience, and they have a pleasant chewiness that is well balanced with a spicy sour coating. Savor them as a light snack or serve them to guests at events to provide a fruity sugar rush.


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Sweet Zone Tangy Mix candies offer a tantalizing blend of tangy and sweet flavors in every bite, creating a sensory adventure that delights candy enthusiasts of all ages. This assortment features a variety of chewy candies, each bursting with vibrant fruit flavors and a hint of sourness that tingles the taste buds. From zesty citrus to juicy berries and tropical fruits, every piece is crafted to deliver a balanced and exhilarating taste experience. The candies are individually wrapped for freshness and convenience, making them perfect for sharing or enjoying on the go.Shan Banana Custard Powder

Key Features:

  • Assorted Flavors: Includes a variety of tangy and sweet flavors such as citrus, berries, and tropical fruits.
  • Chewy Texture: Provides a satisfying chewiness that enhances the flavor experience.
  • Sour Coating: Delivers a zesty and tangy kick that adds excitement to each candy.
  • Individually Wrapped: Ensures freshness and makes it easy to enjoy and share.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for snacking, parties, candy buffets, and gifting.

Uses and Pairings:

  • Snack Time: Enjoy as a flavorful and playful snack for satisfying sweet cravings.
  • Party Favor: Serve at parties or events as a fun and colorful treat for guests.
  • Gift Idea: Share as a delightful gift or stocking stuffer for candy lovers.
  • Mixology: Use creatively in desserts, mocktails, or as a topping for baked goods

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