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Regal Madeira Cake Slices 18’s

Regal Madeira Cake Slices: Delicious individual cakes.


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Packet Madeira Cake Slices. A quintessentially British delight, these Madeira cake slices cater to enthusiasts of the delectable and iconic Madeira flavour. With a moist and tender texture and a subtle taste, this cake offers a light and straightforward option to satiate your mid-day cravings. Ideal for lunchboxes, hectic workdays, and teatime indulgence.

Thanks to its gentle and nuanced flavour profile, Madeira cake complements an extensive array of hot beverages. Whether paired with tea, herbal infusions, coffee, hot chocolate, warm milk, or enjoyed on its own, the choice is entirely yours.

This package includes 18 slices (arranged in 6 sets of 3 wrapped slices each) of freshly baked and perfectly sponge-like Madeira cake.


Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oils (Sunflower,Soya), Sugar


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