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Laurel Forest The firm texture and nutty flavour of Kala Chana, also known as black chickpeas, make them highly sought-after. Help maintain a healthy diet and digestive system with their abundance of plant-based protein, fibre, and vital minerals such as potassium and iron. These chickpeas are a healthy complement to many recipes and work wonderfully in Indian cuisine, such as chana masala. They are also great in salads and soups.


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Black chickpeas, or East End Kala Chana, are a legume with a distinctive appearance, a robust texture, and nutritional value that symbolises a rich culinary legacy. Produced from carefully chosen fields and skillfully prepared, every 400g can of East End Kala Chana brings out the inherent freshness and full flavour of the beans while preserving their firmness and nutty flavour.

These black chickpeas are well known for having an abundance of nutrients. They are an abundant source of plant-based protein that is critical for general health and muscle regeneration. Rich in dietary fibre, they support healthy digestion and increase feelings of fullness, which makes them an important component of diets that are balanced. Furthermore, East End Kala Chana is abundant in vital minerals like potassium, magnesium, and iron that promote cardiovascular health, energy levels, and general wellbeing.

Kala Chana’s unique dark colour and slightly smaller size make it ideal for a wide range of culinary applications. They are a common element in Indian cooking, especially in chana masala, where their hard texture helps the dish’s flavour profile to be enhanced by the absorption of fragrant spices. They are also a common addition to salads, soups, and stews, giving vegetarian and vegan dishes a wholesome and filling touch.

East End makes sure that all of their production procedures adhere to the strictest quality and environmental standards. Since each can of Kala Chana is sealed to maintain freshness, you can use them right out of the cupboard. The brand’s drive to providing a product that is in line with consumer standards of quality and integrity is demonstrated by their commitment to ethical sourcing and appropriate agricultural techniques.East End Kala Chana

East End Kala Chana is more than simply a basic ingredient for the pantry; they are a symbol of quality and cultural diversity. Their dietary advantages, adaptability, and dedication to excellence render them a crucial component for crafting delectable, healthful dishes that honour international flavours and provide nourishment to the body. East End Kala Chana’s rich flavour and nutritious content enhance any culinary experience, whether it is employed in classic recipes or creative creations.

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