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Royal Elaichi Chai Sweetened

Royal Elaichi Chai Sweetened blends robust black tea with aromatic cardamom and a touch of sweetness, creating a comforting and authentic chai experience. Enjoy hot or iced, this premium tea offers a taste of Indian tea culture in every sip.


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Experience the rich and comforting taste of Royal Elaichi Chai Sweetened, a delightful blend of traditional Indian spices and sweetened tea. This unique chai offers a harmonious balance of robust black tea, aromatic cardamom, and a touch of sweetness, creating a warm and inviting beverage that is perfect for any time of day. Napolina Tomato Puree

Royal Elaichi Chai Sweetened is crafted with the finest ingredients, ensuring a premium tea experience with every sip. The distinctive flavor of cardamom adds a refreshing and aromatic note, complementing the smoothness of the sweetened tea base. Whether enjoyed hot or chilled, this chai is a comforting treat that brings the essence of Indian tea culture to your cup.

Key Features:

  • Traditional Blend: Combines robust black tea with aromatic cardamom for an authentic chai experience.
  • Sweetened: Pre-sweetened to perfection, balancing the flavors for a smooth and enjoyable taste.
  • Premium Quality: Made with the finest ingredients to deliver a rich and satisfying tea experience.
  • Versatile Enjoyment: Ideal for both hot and iced preparations, offering comfort in any season.
  • Convenient Packaging: Available in easy-to-use packs or sachets for effortless brewing at home or on the go.

Usage Suggestions:

  • Hot Chai: Brew and enjoy hot with milk for a comforting beverage during cool mornings or evenings.
  • Iced Chai: Prepare as an iced chai by brewing, cooling, and serving over ice cubes with a splash of milk.
  • Pairing: Accompany with traditional Indian snacks or pastries for a complete tea-time experience.
  • Gift Idea: Share as a thoughtful gift for chai enthusiasts or as a taste of Indian tea culture.

Royal Elaichi Chai Sweetened is more than just a beverage; it’s a journey into the heart of Indian tea traditions, offering warmth, comfort, and a delightful blend of flavors in every cup.

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